I’m 19 and play junior hockey. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and want to make a sexual game out of my hockey games for him. He loves watching me play and I want to make things extra fun after the game.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

If I win, I get to tie his hands and feet to my stick and fuck him. If I score, I get to wear my gear while be bang. If I lose, he can tie me to my stick. If I get a penalty, he can DP me with a dildo.

Any other ideas? The more out there the better 😉


  1. Ohmygodohmygod, I just finished reading year 3 of [Check Please](https://checkpleasecomic.com/comic/01-01-01) and I am waaaayyy too into this.

    What about assists? If you get one, he could eat you out or something.

    Checks? You get to play rough if you clock someone, he gets to dom you if you get owned.

  2. make sure he’s into this kind of thing! Definitely communicate about it so you both will enjoy it and be comfortable

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