A list of my favorite Kpop boys [back in July 2011] so the list has changed slightly since then but the top 5 are still the same.
The beginning is a joke xD Those were all the guys who I used to think were hot (Johnny Depp, Jensen Ackles, Pharrel Williams and Taylor Lautner still are ^.~)

Songs: Mighty Casey -White girls
Siren from silent hill
The rest are Deadmau5 – Hi Friend Feat Mc Flipside (Instrumental mix) [Lee Taemin]
-Some kind of Blue [Im Seulong]
-We Fail [Nichkhun Horvejkul]
-Clockwork [Kim ‘Key’ Kibum] -worked a little harder on this 1
-Slip [Hwang Chansung]
-Ghosts N Stuff [Choi Minho]
-Alone with you [Park Jaebeom / Jay Park]
-Sofi Needs a ladder [Kim Jonghyun]

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