im still a virgin and at some point i may have intercourse, how do you keep that area clean.

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  1. My copy/paste:

    1. Poop ~2 hours before sex if you can. Any later and you’re cutting it fine, a little earlier isn’t the end of the world as long as you haven’t got loads from the previous day/morning to follow through later on.

    2. Use a bulb syringe type thing and fill it with luke warm water (cold/hot is unnecessary and potentially uncomfortable).

    3. Put a little lube on the tip just to help things along (saliva will probably be okay), insert no more than an inch or so. *Gently* squeeze until either the bulb is empty or you feel ‘full’.

    4. Wait a few minutes. I’ve heard that some people like to wiggle/jump to ‘loosen things’ but I don’t know if that really helps.

    5. Sit on the toilet, raise your knees above your butthole (get a short stool, maybe?) and *gently* let the water work its way out. You’re not trying to force yourself to poop, just let it flow and bring anything with it.

    6. Repeat until the water runs clear.

    7. Wait 30/45/60 minutes, if you don’t have any urges to poop and no more water has come out then you can have your final shower and go have sex.

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