Stealth aircraft can give pilots a huge advantage over opponents by being difficult to detect on radar – but how is it possible to keep something so large and powerful hidden from the eyes of the adversary?

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  1. F-117 was neither a fighter or an attacker. It was a bomber that got the F designation so pilots in the Air Force would want to fly it. Because bombers are boring AF. Just F.Y.I.

  2. My mom worked on stealth technology for a while, she said it was kinda scary cause of all the conspiracy surrounding it but also cool to know that she was working on such an important thing

  3. Stealth is a load of BS, it's just a sales gimmick used by the privatised Military Industrial Complex to fleece more money out of the public purse for R&D. You can see the F-117A on a WW2 long wave radar, that's how the Serbs shot one down in 1999.

  4. My local automotive shop doesn't seem to carry any RF absorbing paints, paramagnetic paints, "iron ball" paints, "carbon diffuser" paints, no stealth stuff at all.
    No way to beat that radar speed trap, yet.

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