To coincide with my video called Metrosexuality, I decided to look at ways in which people attempt to work out whether a person, mostly men, is gay.



  1. Where’s the how to portion? This felt more like a ‘ everyone assumes when this happens and can be wrong’ video

  2. In American football when a person slaps a teammate on the ass then squeezes the squeezee would know the squeezer was gay.

  3. Here is the thing John. People know you are gay as soon as you speak, as you sound like a camp Lilly Savage. You don't look it though. So that probably throws people. Well, until you talk then all is revealed. Great video.

  4. It may sound strange but just curious to know, what are the qualities a gay person try to find in another man???

  5. I can always tell if a guy (american accent) is gay because of his voice
    For some reason when they come out im always right

  6. Your only gay when you start having sex with other men everything else these youtubers suggest on the subject is bull shit and stereotyping.

  7. Heres a theory for you…since were all born with an X chromozone then we are half female right? I believe everyone is born gay and puberty is a determining factor whether you are gay or straight

  8. With a yank its very easy they all wave their hands about naizle tone high voice and all lisping queens and yeh I'm gay

  9. Why do people choose to be heterosexual?  They choose before they are aware that they are choosing just as the GBLT "community" makes their decisions.  Mentally ill people do the same thing.  Would anyone choose to be mentally ill?  No, but we do!

    Do we choose to have cancer??  Well most people would say no but do they quit eating red meat or drinking soda pop?  If not kept in moderation those things almost certainly cause cancer.  So you are choosing to have cancer! You know the truth people.

    America needs to return to church!!!

  10. Live and let live. Love and let love. Who is to judge another and commit acts of hatred to another for being gay. Who is anyone to tell another they can not be who they are. Hate and harm gives way to hate and harm. Love and kindness gives way to love and kindness. Look within yourself and know the pain and plight of another. Life is met to be lived peacefully and to be kind and good to one another. What purpose is for life if people and laws are consumed by hatred. Bless are they that hunger for justice for they will have their fill. For now do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Treat others right and the way you would treat yourself.

  11. I like the two videos and it kinda gets some things out my head, for the longest time I consider my self metro sexual and it a bit effeminate but I am completely straight and people out into my head that I am in the closet just because of the stereotypes, someone smart enough to put these videos out awesome!

  12. i really could give a shit if your gay just respect me and i will do the same then we can hangout people should learn to coexist better you never know what people are like till you get to know them.

  13. …Are you seriously going to act like that? Everyone is their own person and they make their own decisions now being gay isn't a decision it's a way of life for many and is treated unfairly by many like you. I hope you die a slow and painful death. Bye!

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