Marky Mark and I do our best to answer the most popular questions: how to meet guys, how to pick up guys, how to tell if guys are gay?

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Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. I just realized that Mark did a Chris Traeger line LOL "Ethan, that was LITERALLY the best pick up line I've ever heard" LOL I just started watching parks and rec so it was hilarious to notice this.

  2. One advantage gay guys have over straight guys – they don't have to worry about the stupid MeToo movement.

  3. The vid got me when the first thing that popped up in this video is that CUTE ENORMOUS CAT! 😍💕 I immedietly clicked the subscrube button! 😂💝

  4. This is my issue. I like someone, he could be gay, but I really have no clue! He gives me eye contact, he brushes his leg up against mine, and sees genuinly interested in what I say. However he also does this with a few friends. Maybe he is bisexual- which would be fine. Or maybe I am just imagining it.

  5. Great video. Trying to flirt with guys at the gym is so hard. There are so many attractive guys there and we always make eye contact with each other. Before they leave the gym, they go get water, etc., they always glance at me. I just need to go say something to them, but it’s still intimidating.

  6. How to pick up guys?
    Flash your junk
    show up with beer
    Dudes are very easy to figure out!
    Most want sex…offer it
    not a problem

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