Nustay hotels is the latest travel website we have discovered which we are absolutely loving. It’s one of the best travel resources for booking hotels because it provides the lowest available hotel discounts in the market.

We’re always on the look out for the best hotel booking website. Historically we found Agoda was better for Asia, better for Europe, but have personal gripes with each one. For example, does not give you the final price of the booking until you reach the final page, which makes it useless for researching, and the reviews/ratings on haven’t always been the most discerning we’ve found.

So we were really pleased to discover Nustay, which offers a more refined review service, allows you to really filter options for what you’re looking for, and most importantly, usually has the lowest prices available.

Why do we love Nustay?

When trying it out, they consistently undercut, Agoda, and most other hotel booking search engines we’ve been using. In addition, they also have just as many hotels listed as the other big booking websites. For example, Nustay has over 1.2 million hotels available when compared with the largest –, which has 1.4m.

We also love Nustay because it is much easier and user friendly:

  • all prices include VAT and taxes, unlike sites like Agoda, so you know the exact cost from the start
  • result are sorted by price, making it easier to find the ideal hotel to suit your budget
  • results also include honest feedback, such as number of reviews, overall rating ranging from “poor”, “fair”, “good” “very good”, ”excellent”
  • they provide the lowest discounts because they personalise the deals to you: you need to fill in your profile details  when signing up, and if you are a better fit for the hotel you are researching, then the discount is larger for you. This is what makes them different from the rest of the booking sites.

To show you just how much better it is, we did a few tests to find a nice hotel to stay in for a romantic weekend in Berlin for 5 nights from 1-6 April.

how to save money on your next booking

TEST 1: Entrée Hotel Karlshorst – 32% saving

This is a 3 star hotel located in the Karlshorst district district of Berlin. For our 5 nights stay we found the following results:

  • Nustay = £186
  • = £196
  • Entrée Hotel’s website = £276 plus local taxes to pay on arrival

Nustay showed a clear saving across the board when compared to other hotel booking websites, even on which was the next cheapest.

TEST 2: Leonardo Hotel Berlin – 5% saving

The Leonardo Hotel is another 3-star hotel in Berlin, located in the Charlottenburg district.

Prices for a standard double room here were around £258 on and also on Agoda and the hotel’s website directly. However on Nustay it was over £10 less overall:

  • Nustay = £246
  • = £258
  • Agoda = £258
  • Leonardo Hotel’s website = £260

In addition, Nustay rates it as a “Very Good” option, based on nearly 11,000 reviews, which really allows you to read more about about what other travellers think about the hotel, instead of cross referencing with Tripadvisor and other online sources.

TEST 3: Bleibtreu Berlin – 20% saving

Bleibtreu is a more upscale design hotel in Berlin, with its own wellness area. It has a range of excellent reviews, including 1675 on Nustay, so we picked this one at random based based on its high “Very Good” rating. The cost for their most basic double bedroom across the various booking engines were:

  • Nustay = £262
  • = £307
  • Bleibtreu’s website = £326

Nustay proved far cheaper again, which a much higher difference. Interestingly, the cost of a “Superior Double Room” was also much cheaper on Nustay:

  • Nustay = £333
  • = £390
how to save money on hotel bookings

TEST 4: Centrovital Hotel – 40% saving

Centrovital is a luxurious health resort located in the courtyard of the Berliner Schultheiss brewery in the attractive area of Spandau, directly next to Spandau Lake. It has no fewer than 6 saunas, modern large gym and attracts travellers passionate about wellness and fitness.

A search for our 5 nights in Berlin for a superior double bed came up with the following results:

  • Nustay = £262
  • = £383
  • Centrovital’s website = £436

When upgrading the search to find a “Superior King Room”, Nustay again was much cheaper:

  • Nustay = £390
  • = £429
  • Centrovital’s website = £502

Clearly going to the hotel’s website is almost always the most expensive option, which is why we love online booking engines as it enables us to compare the market for better prices.

We have traditionally always defaulted to because they offer the best overall user experience, by clearly displaying the price at the outset. However, with Nustay consistently undercutting the prices all round, we’re now raving about it and using it as our default go-too search engine for booking hotels online.

Sign up for Nustay today and see for yourself the huge savings you can also make!

Also: check out Nustay’s Facebook page for up to date offers shared by other travellers.

This is a guest post collaboration with Nustay hotels and we’re dead proud to announce we are also part of the #NustayExplorers team.