what I feel is the sexist on a dude, jeans, ripped tee shirt, in a hot wrestling match, speedos n of course sexy colored underwear, whats ya favorite color? Black, sure is sexy, yellow is dynamic,…


  1. @AndresGboy83 wow just the other day it had 100 000 – wonder why so many views – it must be on the ophra show eh Ron

  2. Yeahhh more than 103700 views…woOw!!!,..my congrats too Ron,..this is a suPer seXy CoOL vid now lets go for 200000 views….you will see …soon!
    *hugs & kisses*

  3. This is one hot clip RonO and yes I do remember and it's fantastic that so many others got to see it as well! As for me I don't want saggy or baggy anything on my Hunks except may be their strings hanging out of their Speedo s, lol! Love revisiting this one buddy a pleasing walk down memory lane for sure! Congrats again:

  4. yeah here ya bu thats not my style dude – skinny ass buns an saggy jeans is me- t hanks for the comment do appreciate other views tooo -hugs dude

  5. Ok. These guys are hot, their suits look great the tune is totally cool. But do all male models have to look like young 18 year old boys? How about including some more beefier, older men who aren't afraid to sport some body/facial hair. Some of those dudes would definitely look hot in a speedo/sexy underwear and/or jeans.

  6. @bostonbrowser hey hugs on the comment thanks alot appreciate a new friend in youtube all the time enjoy eeeeeeeeeeee

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