Back in them olden days, gay men used to have to go to bathrooms, rest stops and other public places to find other guys to have sex with. Now with the advent of the Internet gay and bi men can cruise from the privacy of their own home. But what I wanted to know is do men still cruise for sex in public? Let’s find out as we go “Hunting for the Homosexual!”



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  1. This homophobic moron should be put down like the dog he is.It's 2018…get with it, you extremely unattractive fatty!

  2. They still do in Crook County at Fairy Crown Woods. No Metal Detecting but You can have Gay Sex and Cops look the other way.

  3. Yes bisexual men have been doing this for years it's nothing new. We have a few parks here that cruising goes on all the time the men are discreet and polite. There is all types of men some are very religious and safe they need an outlet. Most guys go into the woods to do there business they don't want to be seen. You can usually find a guy rubbing his upper thighs and that's a key sign he looking. I see it a lot and don't have a problem with them some are nice men.

  4. Ugh…I wouldn't fuck him if he had a body carved from stone and it was blessed by God himself. Then he had the gall to call two people ugly? Ummm….have you looked in the mirror honey? You're ugly as fuck too.

  5. Girl….you are NOT qualified to judge other men on their appearance….or for anything for that matter. Why is it in the gay world the most UNATTRACTIVE men will be the first ones to make judgement calls against others.
    On the other hand, the more attractive a gay man is, the more they will USUALLY shy away from making such judgments.

  6. What an arrogant nasty jerk–calling them "ugly as fuck"–like you are gorgeous? No, but really obnoxious—typical gay stuck up

  7. The real Damir Hodzic AKA Rakish, professional butthurt trucker in his true form. New Radio Orders's (NRO) finest!

  8. yah dude.. you aint exactly great looking there bro.. hahaha little over confident there to be saying someone else is ugly

  9. Wow! you look handsome, sexy, gorgeous, I'd definitely hook up with you wherever that place is…….:-)

  10. As a gay man , i'm ashamed of this man , he is a complete idiot and waste of space , he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror before he is rude about people and their apearance -pot-kettle-black

  11. why is a middled age man cruising at 3 in the morning making his self look like a creep. go home to your wife no one's gonna hook up with you

  12. Wow…what a nasty piece of work you are! To turn around and call someone ugly…I think you need to look in the mirror! Pathetic!!!

  13. You won't find many homosexuals having sex in public toilets. Straight men do this in every toilet in the world, it's happening everywhere. It's only men that don't want to be known as gay, so mostly married with kids, it's quite normal, manŷ straight guys do it.

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