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  1. Hey I’m sorry I really hope your mom comes around and I wanna tell you I love you and you’re supported here 😘 be you always

  2. Tbh I hate the term "coming out" I wish everyone could just live life without everyone demanding a label to limit who they can /will love. Everyone should just be able to live life naturally and if they fall in love with someone of the same sex people will be like "cool" and if they fall in love with someone of the oposiyiye sex people will be like "cool" ,,, everyone has a right to their opinion but not when it's on who someone els can love….

  3. so happy your'e confident enough to come out! just know your friends and fans love you!
    side note: your painting is crooked and its very irritating

  4. Awe I just saw this. I’m bi I too I get why you didn’t want it to be a big deal. It sucks when people don’t support you but it’s great when they don’t care and they do. We love you so much Imari!

  5. No offence but if that was my cousin instant block but cause 1 she can't mind her own damn business, 2 she a whole snitch, 3 she had the audacity to call my mum and argue with her and felt the need to ask her about my sexuality when she could of just snapped me and ask her damn self, bitch needs to stay in her lane, idc if we related by blood a hoe will get pimped slap

  6. I know I'm way late watching this video, but I'm so so sorry that you had to go through this &just heartbroken that people feel this way about someone ELSES sexuality. I hope by now, a few months after this video was posted, that things are going good for you &that your family &/or friends have opened their eyes & their hearts &accepted you for who you are. Sending love, xoxo

  7. I have known that this forever and honestly I think everyone knew as well and f everyone that hates on plz always be u your awesome just as u r

  8. Now I don’t know why people change how they think of people when they come out they are the same person like I don’t know what my sexuality is yet heh yeah but I love you Imari be who you want to be and don’t let people tell you what they want you to be because I have been there not a good but love yeah byeeee

  9. The positive in heart shall see honor your father and mother that it may be well with you. Life is not just about what makes you happy, but also about what makes God happy. This is because sometimes what makes a man happy is not what makes God happy. Happy is akin to the word 'Happen'. If what is making you happy is not making your light (i.e God) happen then it is not and shouldn't be to you your cause of happiness. Everything that makes God happy brings life, but somethings that make man happy brings death 🎺️🎺️🎺!

  10. Same happened with me, my family now after over a year completely accept me, even now that I wear makeup. Hopefully your fam does the same!

  11. Your sweatshirt is fireeee where is it from? Also this vid made me happy, yay for people who Love themselves and live their truth.

  12. You are Gorgeous inside and out. I added this to my "Coming Out" playlist with now 153 helpful vids like yours.

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