Well the Titel is self explanatory, she wanted to watch a movie with me because god knows.

I said yeah sure why not and then we looked through Netflix. We are not the kind of persons to read the little text under movies.

In Germany Brokeback Mountain has the Movie picture of a man and a Woman. I knew what Brokeback Mountain was because I heard from it. But I never watched it.

Well she wanted to watch that movie and, she is that type of person when she watches a movie she finishes it.

We watched it I was crying, she was disgusted. She knows that i am gay but she is homophobic.

After the movie she said I should go to my room now. I did, then I went down to get something to drink. I asked her something and she didn’t answer me.

This is now 5 hours ago and she still won’t talk to me.

I am crying in my room i don’t know what to do, I don’t know what I did wrong. I am only 14

Update : I talked with my mom, she hugged me and told me that she was very scared, she doesn’t want me to end like Jake in the movie. She also told me she accepts me. ( She told me that before but it was very good to hear again )

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  1. Nothing you can do really but give her her space.
    I wouldn’t make a big deal out if it. Just carry on.

  2. … Maybe she isn’t mad at you … Maybe she just has a lot to think about after watching the movie and doesn’t want to be disturbed. … You’re there and I’m not… I also don’t know your mom.

  3. I’m sorry this happened. We all want to believe that after seeing something like that, we would all feel the same way. The others are right; she needs time to process what she saw. The other thing we don’t realize when we are you young is that coming out is a life long process. I am 50 and very happy with who I am as a gay man, but I still have to come out sometimes. I don’t see it as a burden, just as something I have to do as a gay man in a world where the default is straight.

    Just know we are here for you and are always willing to listen.

  4. You haven’t done anything wrong. You are not responsible for other people’s reactions or thoughts. Just your own. Your mom is scared and doesn’t know what to do because she has no experience on how to deal with this. She only knows what she was taught (that homosexuality is “bad” – it’s not). You need some resources to help. PFLAG is an organization (in the United States) that is for parents and friends of gay persons and has lots of resources. There is also a German version (http://www.befah.de). The USA site is (PFLAG.org). Can’t read German, so don’t know what’s on the site, but the American one has articles for parents, the kids and so on. Good luck.

  5. Perhaps it’s opener her eyes a little bit to what a cunt you have to be to hate people just because they love the same gender.

    Perhaps she feels conflicted/guilty?

  6. Hey little bro.
    It gets better.
    It did for me

    What your Mom is doing is completely immature. That reaction is because she is unable to face her own fears. She is not angry at you she is angry at her self because she just realised she is part of the problem.

    Hang in there. .


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