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Zach used to have a ton of friends and they did all the stuff that boys do together – joke around in class, hang out and have sleepovers on the weekends, and get into trouble playing ding-and-ditch, crank calling girls in their class, and staying up late. It was awesome. He felt like it would last forever.

But then, when middle school began, everyone started playing team sports, and they didn’t have recess anymore; there was gym during the day and then team practice after school.

Pretty much everyone did team sports. All of Zach’s friends joined teams and it was kind of surprising to him – It was like they had been waiting their whole lives, like they had a whole plan that they never told him about. But Zach didn’t want to join team sports – he loved playing, and loved running around with his friends – it wasn’t like he was un-athletic or out of shape – but he just didn’t love team sports.

His friends started having practices every day after school, and games, even on the weekends, and they would all do things with their teams, always, and Zach just started staying home and playing a lot of xBox. He actually started to feel really lonely.

Things got pretty bad at school too. Zach would go join his friends at lunch and all they would talk about was the game on Saturday, or who scored the most goals and who had a sucky practice.

One time he invited them all over for a sleepover and they all said they couldn’t because of an early game the next day but that night he saw on Instagram that they were all out together having fun.

Eventually it got so bad that they wouldn’t even say hi to him in the halls. He felt totally ignored, so alone, and like a loser that didn’t fit into anything. He started feeling really bad about himself. He had lost all his friends, and there was no denying it.

Zach started staying in his room more and more, and playing hours of video games, depressed. His mom would yell at him to get out of the house, to make new friends, to turn the xBox off, but all he wanted was to be left alone.

Then one day he found a feature in one of his games that let him record the gameplay and change the angle of the camera and stuff. So, instead of just playing he started making short movies that had the characters in his game act out, then he’d export them and do the voices and add other parts from videos he’d find online. He taught himself animation, and other media arts skills.

Zach created movies whenever he could, and he got better creating more. He made online friends who let him direct them and to do voices. He showed his parents a few of them and they thought they were pretty cool.

And that’s when Zach really started getting into film and filmmaking. He read books about it, watched all the classic movies by the best and most famous directors, and it’s all he wanted to do, study films and make movies.

His mom signed him up for an after school film program where they used real equipment and learned all about how to make movies. He started making a few new friends, and slowly, started to feel like he was actually good at something.

Zach loves directing the movies they make there and feels like he has finally found what he loves to do and like he is a part of something.

Things haven’t changed much for him at school because most of the kids still only love sports and think he’s weird because he doesn’t. He misses his old friends of course, and sometimes wishes it was how it used to be, but he’s part of something he really loves and who knows, maybe one day he’ll be a famous movie director.

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  1. same people are really lost in sports they would all get some cool school team basketball sports are football I'm trying to get into the hang of it im really uncomfortable

  2. I have a similar story. So when i was in year 1-5 i was really good friends with this guy called Cain. Cain was a type of guy that everyone wanted to be associated with. But when we went into year 6, things got awkward, he met ''The cool kids'' they were called Leo, Jacob Ethan and noah. I tried to say ''hi'' but it was like i wasn't there. Even when we're in the corridors he say's nothing. Im now year 7 . Things haven't changed, but luckily i found new friends as i didn't like Cain, as he basically used me. Thanks for reading!

  3. i lost one of my freinds because i like arachnids which are spiders and stuff so i brought one to school with me in a little container it was a pink toed tarantula and i was only left with my bff that likes spiders and now people wanna meet our spiders. 😊😊😊

  4. I remember earlier today I just lost a friend and she said that she wasn't gonna talk to me over winter break. Which means that I'm gonna b ignored.I don't want to b ignored because most kids at my school ignore me. I don't want to go to school on Monday to b ignored😭😭😭

  5. I hate sports and today I didn’t understand a math problem and my teacher related it to football and now I’m just hella lost XD

  6. Don’t fell sad I have friends that play sports and I don’t play, I’m sorry that happened 😇🤗😪😞

  7. It’s ok that’s what happened to me when I asked my friend do you want to like talk or do something and she lied and I saw her post of them (her and her “new best friend”) and it really hurt me because they still do that

  8. You don’t have to be someone that your not to have friends. It’s not just his life, it’s all of ours. Friends come and go to do what they want, but you do what you want to do! Because if you always follow the crowd and never try new things, then you will just become boring and have barely any friends. So who cares if you stand out? You should be you no matter what. If your friends like video games but you like art then do Art! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing the thing you love, because if you do, then, well, your not going to get anywhere in life.

    -Midnight Mayhem 2018

  9. I am a girl. Every friend I'd had were always SO better at sport then me, because I struggle alot with breathing (more than asthma). At first, I didn't mind and they didnt care, so I just tried my best in PE (sports subject). I made some new friends after a few years, and they were INCREDIBLY sporty. They used to push me and pressure me into doing so much sports, and ask me why I couldnt do it. It's not that I couldnt, because I would take almost any chance to improve. It's because of my health that made me struggle. We got into high school, and I stopped being friends with 2/3 of them, because we were fading anyway since they had completely different classes. With the remaining friend, shs understands me alot and helps me improve. We made some other friends together, and those girls are super nice and caring about it, and always wait for me, let's say in a race, or give me advice on how to shoot better. I hope I never lose them.

  10. I've always wanted friends more like me… I play sports and all like my friends… But I don't have really anything else in common… For some reason I have always wanted asian friends 😂

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