Basicly my first post was about body hate issue that i have.(one dude today kept telling me how gorgeous i am and i got all happy and hyped and then he told me that my stomach is not flat enough for his taste and that hes not interested….so im like fumin rn)But that aint what i wanted to type out here.
Anyways when i prep. myself to bottom i use the shower to try to keep it tidy down there however i noticed few things and ill also add up why i cant use stuff like douches and what not.
(its because i dont have anywhere to buy those or any toys in general,and even if i did i dont have anywhere to keep it or spare time to use it since i live with my parents so u cant really hide a douche or a dildo anywhere forever… i dont risk lol)
Shower turned out to work well in the terms of cleaning myself but Usually it would take me like three times to fill it up down there with water and to release it for everything to be clean but then nightmare happens.I start feelin that water in my stomach literally,and my stomach gets all big and round and i feel like poopin,and it takes good 20 mins to even be able to take that water out and when it happens insane amount of crap comes out too like i havent been cleanin around the house at all,and im lucky if it happens only once cuz i would follow up more water and clean the newly created mess but sometimes the process happens two or three times.And even my butt hole starts to hurt and its no longer relax and soft,my ass legit feels upset.I mean i know that cleaning takes time,but for gods sake do i really need hours to make myself ready for 20 mins of wtf im sure im doing something wrong so help me out if u can ,any sort of advice is very welcome.


  1. It sounds like you are using WAY too much water. Remember that you are just trying to clean out anything in the last 10-12 inches of your colon. It’s just a quick rinse, no need for a full on enema most of the time.

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