Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time out for listening to me here tonight. I am in quite a sticky (no pun intended) situation and I need some advice. Recently I have been talking to a school friend (let’s call him Dominic) more often than not via text and have been telling him a few things that he already knows like how I had developed a crush on him despite me being straight/curious. This time around however, it’s kinda growing into another crush but almost something more serious. So for the past week or so, we’ve been talking nonstop about anything and everything — from relationship advice to the types of porn we both watch (we both watch the same porn and know the stars so that also helps out a lot in engaging in conversation about sexual things). Recently I opened up to him about one of my friends who took me out to the park yesterday and announced a bombshell on me — he loved me and wanted me to be his boyfriend! Now, I was flattered by the announcement but unfortunately I told my friend I didn’t love him and that I had someone else in mind (Dominick) but he didn’t really know it yet.

I told Dominick about this moment my friend and I had in the park and how we usually tease each other and slap each others butts but this time “John” slapped my butt and winked at me and said “I still have love for you” to which I just ignored because we play like that normally so it’s no big deal. I told Dominick about this and he kinda expressed how it was a sweet gesture and showed we had chemistry. While I saw that and realized it, I still had to tell Dominick I didn’t feel the same for John. So then I asked Dominick what he thought of the things John did to me and he said it was quite obvious that John wanted to “hit” and I didn’t go with it, again alluding to the fact John wanted to have relations. After hearing Dominick say that, I had to bring up the fact that I had playfully slapped Dominick’s butt in the museum (he used to work there in the same school we go to) and I played like it didn’t mean i had wanted relations to which Dominick replied back “Did you? with a lol and devil emoji. It took me literally two minutes for me to actually respond back to him because I didn’t really want to come out and expose myself like that but, I eventually came out and told him in my own way — yes, I wanted to hit but also wanted to test my own limits (again, I am straight but he made me feel curious with how sexy, intelligent, and just a great person he is).

He replied back that it wouldn’t feel right for us to do anything because in his own words I’m literally one of his friends. He then called me one of his real friends and how it would complicate our relationship had we had done something. I eventually still told him that he would be my type and he seemed appreciative of the compliments I gave him.

I just don’t know what to do at this point, lol. I told him before I had a crush on him but that was before I actually got to know what type of person he is. Now that I know all that I do know of him within this year and a half, I see that he is truly one of a kind and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I did text him this morning “good morning” but he didn’t reply back which has me kind of worried because he usually texts me back at the maximum of an hour.


  1. It seems Dominick made it pretty clear that he isn’t interested and would rather remain friends, and you should definitely respect his decision and not push the matter. In my opinion, you should give him some space to process what happened, and let him make the first move in contacting you.

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