So I only recently started playing with my prostate with a prostate massager. Today I had an….. Interesting experience. Previously I would jack off while also using the prostate massager and I would have very intense amazing orgasms but I recently got into nofap due to some Porn induced erectile disfunction, at least I assume it’s Porn induced. Either way I stopped using Porn and jerking off completely for 8 days then on the eighth day I decided to jerk off while also using the prostate massager. Had probably one of the best orgasms of my life and shot a load of cum harder than I ever have before. After that I decided to do another stretch of nofap and I have hit day 8 again. I decided to play with my prostate massager without jerking off at all this time just to see if I could orgasm. This is where I experienced something I have never before experienced.

I felt myself getting closer and closer to what I would consider a normal orgasm. So I let my entire body relax and instead of cum shooting out. I started to urinate.

So I guess my question is did I do something wrong? Is this normal? Why did this happen?


  1. Your prostate is right below your bladder, so that enlarging of the prostate during stimulation could have caused this. It’s not something that should be alarming.

    Try relieving yourself beforehand and try to to force what you currently recognize as an orgasm (ejaculations). It is possible you will ejaculate, however, sometimes, prostate massages can give you an orgasm without an ejaculation.

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