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  1. You forgot to shave the men's legs, and to make him wear something that show more skin near the crotch

  2. Shut the f up with your opinions Buzzfeed.. the male version was rather attractive actually, not ridiculous at all. I would love to see more objectifying of men in the media.. drools

  3. I am a man and I have no problem with this. I know women will ogle a slender guy with some muscle definition. I think this video was created by a fat woman who is jealous that she doesn't get attention like the beautiful women in the commercials. Also somethings just aren't sexy if the roles are reversed.

  4. I dont see a problem with role reversal here, as long as the guy doesnt mind doing it. As i expect the women that do these kinds of ads dont mind doing them either.

  5. um no i think men look better why dont they do the reverse stuff it will also please our eyes

  6. I thought the nerd one was sexest because why was the guy un attractive, fat, and no fasgion sence and kissed the cute girl when the cute, fashinoble, skinny girl kissed a handsome guy?

  7. Was anyone else made uncomfortable by most of the ads (the dorito one, mostly?)? I’m sorry, but men, women, whatever, why sexualize food ads? Grosssssss. Though seeing more ads like the male counterparts would be a good balancing thing, and who knows? Maybe it might show how ridiculous some of these ads are.

  8. It’s a freaking burger ad there is no need for this sexy sun protection, I mean I’m all about not getting cancer and looking good while doing it, but this is just ridiculous. To anyone who advertises like this, get your act together. ???

  9. Actually, i didn't find it ridiculous to see men like that… But if sexualising is done only to me or only to women then that's a problem.
    I am a feminist too, so don't hate me.
    I just think we should sexualize all genders or none.

  10. ? I hate the way they always sexualize things with the women, it's so f*** up

    If I could kill anyone in this world with no consequences there would be a lot of people dead?. It would be mostly sexist, racist, disrespectful people, rude people, and people that hate other people for ridiculous reasons, like their sexuality for example. They honestly don't deserve to be on this planet in my opinion

  11. Ok but in the Hardee’s one why isn’t the guy wearing a bikini also? (I’m actually seriously just asking)

  12. It doesn't seem ridiculous on the woman Cuz woman r sexy whereas men don't hv the curves and body to pull off sexy scenes the way they do

  13. Now women are going to think that they r not in a lot of those commercials and they r just going to complain

  14. I'm pretty sure these ads aren't allowed to air where I live. We don't see these ads on our television, the gender sexualisation is generally more subtle.

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