I live in Vancouver, which seems to have a thriving bathhouse scene. Are these good places to go if I want to test my sexuality? Would it be understood and okay that I’m a first timer? What should I expect generally? Any recommendations or tips for a good experience?

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  1. Not a great place for a first experience. Find a friend or make a friend. Someone you trust to be patient with you.

  2. NOOOOO. Fine enough fantasy to have, but even as a gay man I would not go to something like that, nor would I recommend it to aby of my friends. Maybe try a Tinder and set it so you can see guys and look for other bicurious guys

  3. Nope, would not recommend a bathhouse for your first time. I would recommend you find someone who is bi or gay but who knows where you are in your journey who can guide you and help you explore. Try things out with different people of if you find the right person try different things a couple of times before you jump into the rip current that the bathhouse can be.

  4. Almost certainly not. The guys there will probably be older, might be on drugs, might not be very respectful of boundaries. I’d suggest finding a good guy who will go at your pace and respect your desires. get to know him a little bit and explore. It doesn’t have to “work out” between you forever. But you want your first time to get you comfortable and teach you some valuable things.

  5. Gay, straight, or bisexual, the first time should always be with someone you truly admire and respect and feel affection for. Going with strangers is no way to discover your true feelings and needs. These areas of our lives should be the most genuine and honest and real.

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