Sorry if this is the wrong venue but yesterday my girlfriend and I decided to dechristen my anus so to speak. Lots of lube and a little pain at first but once we got going it was A+ 10/10 would do again. This was about noon yesterday and since then though I haven’t been able to poop? Is that normal?

I tried googling this but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t cancer or emergency but I’m not in any pain so I don’t think that’s the case. I’m a pretty regular guy I poop like 2 or 3 times a day at pretty set times, but since then it’s been radio silence.


  1. In my experience, it’s just mental.

    Just relax. Drink some coffee. Do jumping jacks.

    But most importantly, try and squat over the toilet.

  2. Did you prep beforehand by like, cleaning out, and eating sparsely for the day? As well as use fiber & the like to promote elimination?

    If so, then… yeah, your body will take a little bit to catch back up. Unrelated to sex, I just got over a foodborne illness, and I literally did not eat for two days. I didn’t see solids again for a while.

    Long and short of it is, if you don’t feel the urge, then there’s nothing there to get rid of. Give it time. You didn’t confuse your body or anything. That cavity is literally like the “on vehicle for delivery” portion of the package tracking process for your digestive tract. It’s got stuff in it all the time – sometimes, I’m sure, bigger than what you put in there. Anal sex doesn’t make it think that you pooped a few weeks worth in one night, and now it can take a break, or something.

    As for the pain – initial insertions are going to be painful. You just have to back off when you feel that pain and try again, a little slower, and keep doing that until it goes in painlessly. If you felt pain during, especially after a change in position or action, then yes, something might have gone wrong (but not necessarily dangerously so). And if you’re not feeling pain now, there’s really nothing to diagnose. I think you’re fine.


    I am not a doctor. And I’ll bet most of us here aren’t, either. If this persists and you start feeling discomfort, and traditional methods, like fiber supplements or laxatives, don’t get you going again, seek medical attention from a professional.

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