I want to have my first hook up any suggestions on what I should tell them I’m down for on my first time? I’m pretty open to anything lol

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  1. Go for it. Relax, real sex can be more amusingly awkward than what you’ve seen in porn. Roll with it.

  2. First time hookups always suck, so don’t be disappointed. Just make sure he knows what you want and you don’t want. Clean up if you are going to bottom and use condoms.

  3. Just be sure to wear a condom. I always always wore a condom all thru my 20s. I never caught one STD. Not one. And I had lots and lots and lots of sex, hook ups, 3-ways, 4-ways, and orgies. 100s of guys. Sex is fun! Enjoy it. Just adjust your expectations for what you are getting into. Hook up sex is rarely as satisfying as sex with someone you like/know/love. It’s usually fun, but empty. Like having Oreos for dinner, instead of roast beef and mashed potatoes. Don’t put yourself into positions where you can get hurt or abused. Avoid doing drugs/being high/stoned/too drunk and having sex with strangers. It usually ends up poorly. And always wear a condom during anal. Have a blast kid!! I sure did!! AND DO!

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