Howdy y’all, I’m looking to purchase my FIRST toy and literally I have no clue where to begin. I know I want a prostate massager so at leastI’ve gotten that far. The price ranges are the biggest thing that is making this difficult. Im not trying to drop 150… I’m looking for recommendations on a reasonably priced prostate massager that gets the job done. Also any advice you think a toy noob needs to know please share your wisdom =] thanks!


  1. What price range are you going for?

    I asked and there wasn’t much out there (at least stuff people want to share). Hands free orgasms are the best and I highly suggests getting one.

    My partner got one at the local shop (I’ll have to wait an hour to tell you what the brand name is) and it’s slightly curved at the top. These devices always have an awkward entry feel, but there’s a reason it’s shaped the way it is.

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