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An extraordinary film from one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Honduras. A murder is committed there almost every hour – but when the former Miss Honduras was shot last year, the number of women victims made international headlines. We speak to one of the country’s hired hitmen.

This report contains distressing images.

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  1. This guy killed 100 people, it's just a job? This guy need's to end up in a "garbage sack"…

  2. The US military should invade and take over these countries… and swiftly.. not like the middle east, not to destroy but to stabilize and take control.. help the people develop.. This is disgusting that such corruption can exist world wide…. I pray the wrath of God on such evil..

  3. I am a Honduran American, and sadly, I have no desire to ever visit Central America knowing what I know. It's really too bad.

  4. South america has always had the most beautiful women on earth and they are murdered by jealous boyfriends or drug dealers for as little as $60.sadly i am from england where the women have the biggest mouths i wish we could swap our women for these women then everything would be great.i hope Honduras can help these beautiful women into a safer world and have a safe life.good luck.

  5. The govt is week. My country is the safest country on earth. Women can walk till morning and nothing happen. Strong govt would round up these people in cell. Till not a not a single not a single one is left.

  6. Well these Honduran men must be gay an don't like women cause real wouldn't do these things GAYS!!

  7. But $60 is probably alot of money over there. I HATE when media companies try to shame other countries by comparing their pay, etc. in American dollars when by THEIR standards that's alot of money!

  8. Kill mostly women,
    Blame the victims instead of the murderers,
    The government take no action,
    Blame western feminists for taking no action,
    Attack feminists for speaking up,


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