Filmed on six continents during the 2016 Book Of Souls World Tour, this is a thank you to the millions of fans who came out to see us – maybe you’re in the video!

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  1. My very first album I ever bought in my life when I was in Junior High was THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST, from you guys, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!..

  2. Didn't have the privilege of seeing them back in the day but I had the Honor of seeing them last year in Nashville one of my Best memories

  3. E de imaginar que até um tempo atrás eles tocavam apenas "heaven canal wait" deste álbum, quantos anos perdidos…

  4. today september 6, and 32 years ago happy aniversay Wasted years a great great song that´s why leave the past in the past

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  6. If I got to play this in front of my class, they’d all look at me weirdly and probably get scared by Eddie lol. But I have no fear in Iron Maiden. All I see is just a band who makes good music.

  7. I had the tickets booked for 2017 show in Oakland, California, but couldn't attend 🙁 When are you guys coming back to the US?

  8. Five master musicians and a great singer that flies the company jet all on the same stage at the same time = IRON MAIDEN!

  9. They aged, they should be in a retirement center or taking care of families. Bruce Dick Inson has a horrible voice. Ridiculous! Now all the fan boys will dislike my comment 😂

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