So I’m in my mid-20s and I’ve never done anything with anyone (no kissing or anything physical, no dates, no sex, nothing romantic). I’m also very oblivious when it comes to romance stuff. I think I’ve accidentally been on dates with women, which I realized years later might explain the weirdness of the situation. And I’m incredibly paranoid, as all the times when anyone has attempted to communicate their unsolicited appreciation of my physical appearance, I freak out. I don’t like it.

Currently, I keep telling myself that I might as well just continue going solo since I don’t actually have much of a romantic or sex drive. But I still feel a little bit of spite in that sentiment, so I’m guessing that means I actually want to be in a relationship. I’m trying to figure out practical ways to meet people, and I want to weigh the costs of employing those approaches.

Based on reading through Q&As like this sub, dating sounds like a hellscape for me. But since I don’t have personal experience, do you think it is worth it for me to try to date? I’ve tried online dating but I usually shut down something immediately upon getting the indication that someone finds me appealing in some way. (Hyperbole but you get the picture.)

My other bet is to make friends by joining groups/events of stuff I like (EDIT: and I am already doing this), which sounds a lot more pleasant. What other approaches would you suggest for meeting people?


  1. ? [People. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world ]( ) ?

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