I have a few questions but at the core of it is, is gaydar real. And also are there certain questions you ask to work out sexual orientation?

18 yo or older responses only please.


  1. I really don’t think so unless it’s stereotypically gay feminine. But everyone can tell that.
    I do however have a “I hope he’s gaydar”

  2. Okay, gaydar as such is imaginary. But there are ‘tells’ that anyone could pick up on if they are paying attention. And, if you are gay, you *want* to pay attention to some of these tells. Because there aren’t any mutually-agreed-upon questions to work out orientation.

    Cases in point. A random stranger struck up a conversation with me in a (straight) bar. He mentions visiting Key West Florida recently, I mention visiting there and how much fun I thought the place was. Eye contact was made. Gaydar? Or just a reading of tells?

    I was at work and speaking to a customer. He was, I thought, hot as hell, and so I prolonged the conversation a bit. We were obviously at this point no longer talking business. He turns towards me so that his crotch is visible. I glance down, and when I glance up he is watching me. Eye contact. Gaydar? or tells.

    Neither of these interactions developed further. I didn’t end up in bed with them. So I didn’t find out how gay they actually were. But this is what ‘gaydar’ feels like to me. Simple mutual interest, unspoken.

    I am *way* too socially awkward to take 99% of these encounters to the point where we are taking each other’s clothes off. But they happen.

  3. No, “gaydar” is homophobic people projecting their homophobia at gay people and thinking they’re somehow magically “in tune” with gay people which is hilarious. You cannot see anyone’s sexuality just by looking at them unless they’re deliberately going out of their way to show you like those annoying super camp gay people. Most gay people are exactly the same as everyone else except for the sexual preferences department so how *could* you tell unless you hid outside their window at night? People are self-absorbed cunts. Fuck people.

  4. I’m pretty exclusively gay snd most dont know unless I declare it. At least, that’s what I’m told. Which is in direct contrast to before I came out, 6 years ago … (I’m 28 and different than I was).

    Its defitnely an assumption based on personality, appearance and social cues. Can you figure it out, yes? But you can’t know intrinsically by looking at someone within a vacuum.

    There are ways to deduce many things about a person when given time/context. Discovering someones sexual orientation is the only situation we give breadth to socially because we want to believe in gay/straight personas. And we want to believe it possible to determine more information about them socially from to sexual orientation.

  5. Yes: [https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/07/new-artificial-intelligence-can-tell-whether-youre-gay-or-straight-from-a-photograph](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/07/new-artificial-intelligence-can-tell-whether-youre-gay-or-straight-from-a-photograph)

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