Is grindr only for hookups or is it for normal dating aswell?

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  1. Grindr is whatever you make of it. If you message the hot torso pic don’t expect a date. I’ve hooked up a lot on Grindr and dated some. Met my current boyfriend on Scruff which is similar to Grindr.

  2. I tried to do dates from Grindr once. Nobody seemed interested in more than a hookup. I switched to ok Cupid. (This was pre-tinder).

  3. Make whatever you want out of it.

    Cute guy messaged me, we planned on hooking up, I ubered to his apartment. Now we’ve been together for 2 years.

  4. Only for hookups, there might be some people that come with stories about finding their soulmate there but those are the exception, not the norm.

  5. Sadly, none of the apps are for dating because the gay community doesn’t know what dating is. They are all about hooking up. 🙁

  6. Think it depends on your area. I’ve dated a couple guys through grindr, but only when I’m in a more rural area. If I’m in the city it’s all hookups. I’d wager cause there’s not really many other ways to meet someone to date in a rural area.

  7. Sometimes people find actual relationships on Grindr.

    Sort of hour like sometimes people find buried treasure on the beach.

    Most people at the beach aren’t looking for buried treasure. They just want to get wet.

  8. I met my bf on Grindr and we’re happily together for 5 months now and counting on. U’ll get 100000 hookup but u can find that one in a million as well 😉

  9. I think for older people it is for hook ups. Our generation uses it for dating butttt when the young and old get together …. confusions begins

  10. It’s for drugs, masseurs, escorts, bots and hook ups. In my area the guys have been the same online for years so I don’t really think they are worth a date or a friendship, if they were they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Makes me wonder why there’s this cute guy I like but he has had the same profile pic since 2014 and he’s been around for that long single and “looking for friends” yet I can’t believe In 4 years he hasn’t gotten any lmao maybe he’s a psycho.

    In my case I’m not in grindr but i do sign up once in a while just to have sex.

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