Okay so this is going to be long. Also be warned there are some mentions of unethical and morally wrong situations that are mentioned. So a little about me. I’m a married (to a woman) man. 29 y/o. And I’m some where between bi and bi-curious. I appreciate both sexes and I pretty much don’t care for social titles. I just like what I like. Anyway that’s me. My best friend who’s also my brother in law now is presumed straight. I’ve known him for almost 15 years and he has always come off straight to me. Back in the day when we were in our adult teenager years, I slept over his house a lot, like every weekend sometimes like five days straight. His parents let him pretty much own the basement so it was his domain. I had an issue that I’ve sought therapy for but back then I had an obsession for straight guys who looked like they had big cocks and would do anything to cop a feel or more. My best friend didn’t know about my hidden bi curious ways and what I would do when he went to sleep. He was a very heavy sleeper especially around 2am. I would act like I can’t hang staying up, just to rest up enough to wake up and fondle his semi hard cock threw his shorts or pajamas. He was pretty long, about 8in hard. I was even able to get his cock free but as much as I wanted to suck the shit out of it, I was way too scared. That day he woke up but never said anything, he just looked at his dick hanging out, looked over at me laying on the futon across from him (I ran over real fast when I felt like he was about to wake up) and then turned around to go back to sleep. Since then he was a little guarded when it came to his his pajama pants, like tie them tight. I also use to peek under the bathroom door, when he showered or masturbated, using the reflection of a CD. Yeah I know I’m a creep. I said I had therapy I couldn’t bare to think that way anymore. I was truly obsessed with my best friend and his Big cock. I started noticing even with the bathroom peeking that he would throw his clothes at the bottom of the door. I wasn’t convinced he knew the things I was doing. One time he was super hard sleeping and tried to rub his cock to completion through his pants but he woke up!! I ran to the basement stair because I thought I was caught red handed but he looked at me and said “where you going” “you alright?”. I just said “I’m getting something to drink” . He went back to sleep and never said anything about he saw me or anything. He behaved normal the next day. So here’s when everything gets fucked up. My friend and I had a massive fall out over some girl. I didn’t know he liked some girl I fucked. Later down the line he started dating my sister, who is now his wife. Anyway, when they were just dating he told her about me touching him. I never stopped touching him over a 5year period, and he chose when we weren’t cool to out me. My girl (now my wife), who is my sister’s best friend was devastated but she stood by me knowing my past and issues. By his account he could only recall the last 4 times I touched him. My wife was at the time a psychology student. She knew the whole truth about what I’ve done to him and was baffled by why my friend never said anything. He was bigger than me, stronger than me, it was his house he invited me to, sometimes he would pick me up to stay over, he also was 2 years older than me. All these factors and yet he said or did nothing?My sister says he was surprised and confused and that he only remembers 4 times when he caught me. All the times he mentioned were like literally the same week before he told my sister. My wife and I were confused because how do you get touched for such a long time (5 years) and never once remember waking up on any of those times. He didn’t even mention the time when he possibly caught me. At this point I’m concerned for my sister because I feel like although he is a victim, he’s not telling the full truth and owning up to his truths. I believe all those times, he wanted it to happen and was cool with it until he was mad at me and wanted to make sure I didn’t tell my sister first so he won’t come out looking gay. Now that I look at him with a different lense, I’ve noticed how he side eyes my crotch, or sometimes intentionally reach for something at the same time as me to accidentally touch hands. I noticed how he stares at my biceps when I have no sleeves. I even caught him looking at my butt. These are things I would never bring to my sister, but I truly believe my ex best friend is either gay or bi and hiding it. What do you guys think? And what should I do?