I [32M] have been curious about being with a man for a very long time. The problem is that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never given a man a bj. I’ve never had sex with a man. Hell, I’ve never kissed a man. All I’ve done is found some things pretty hot in porn and I strongly believe I want to try it.

I’m just really confused and would love to be able to have someone to explore with, but I feel like it’d be insulting to him/them.

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  1. As long as you tell them you’re just experimenting, you should be fine. Plenty of guys are willing to take it slow and go at your pace.

  2. Not sure why any one would be insulted, I guess depending on who it is. You might not want to approach a coworker or some religious nut.

    You didn’t say where you are at. Big city? Small town ? Liberal area or conservative ?

    Perhaps there is a gay night club in your area.

    Plenty of hook up sites on the net if you want to pursue it further. Pretty tough for them to say they are insulted if they are on the site.

  3. Dude go for it. There’s nothing insulting about wanting to try something with a guy. Lots are eager to show you just how fun it can be. But boundaries are important. Always find someone who stops when you say no or are uncomfortable with something.

  4. Hey it’s cool you are checking about this, but yeah I think if you’re up front with someone that’s all that matters.

    Also props for saying he/they 🙂

    All the best to you!

  5. I once met a similar man [46] who was very confused but he wanted to meet a guy. He had never done this in his life, at first he blocked me three times whenever we got closer to meet (out of his own fears and insecurities and he even doubted if i would enjoy with an older guy, even though i told him many times i would). Once I was at work and he was passing by and he came to my office and texted me while he was in his car in parking. When I went out.. he probably saw me and again he ran away lol. This time i told him to never contact again.
    Fast forward a month, he texted me again and begged me to meet. I told him to not fuck up this time. He came, he was sweating, he insisted on meeting in car only, so we sat in his car.. and he got so extremely horny. He told me he never felt this way with a woman. He suddenly grabbed my cock and said he wants to suck it. To which i said another time.. we haven’t met after that because of his work and busy schedule and mine also.. but he often texts. It’s been a month again.

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