I suffer from severe childhood PTSD also from a car accident, major depression, social anxiety, and ADHD-Combed Type. Had near breakdowns through law school on my medication adderall and switched on and off antidepressants like lexapro or effexor xr and can’t seem to figure out why I’m questioning my sexuality so much yet sleep with women and are only interested in women.

I do have a close best friend I believe is gay from another state, but it never bothered me. In fact, I use to take him out and give him confidence to be himself in bars etc. but after being on lexapro 10 mg with adderall for a year in law school and then vyvanse, I either am severely ADHD where I can’t function without stims or I’m beyond abused in a broken home where I can’t come out of I wanted due to pain (but I still don’t know because I only feel like I want women at all times except when I was thrown on lithium, I felt nothing but rage no attraction to anyone).

Currently on effexor xr, adderall xr 25 mg, adderall ir 20 mg as needed for my bar exam, xanax 0.25 mg for side effect of anxiety which helps immensely, and rexulti 1.0mg an add on antidepressant.

DM me if you want to see my instagram pics and be a judge for yourself, but either I’m fighting ADHD PTSD and addiction or in a very toxic home that is suppressing my manhood in some way. Thank you!