Is there a word for a man who would bottom if it weren’t for physical restrictions?


  1. My husband.

    He suffers from chronic internal hemorrhoids and bottoming for him isn’t pleasant at all any more. He used to enjoy having me pound his ass years ago. We’ve changed up our habits and he’s open to the idea of finding a third I can top if I feel the desire to. I’m very vers and although sometimes I crave a little top action, it’s just easier to be monogamous. I’m a paranoid about STDs and worry about the emotional aspect of trying to connect with someone without getting attached (I can’t just fuck anyone without feeling some semblance of trust)
    As a result we experiment with toys and different kinds of stimulation whenever I feel like I want something different than our usual. Mostly though, I blow him. I love giving oral and he loves receiving it, so it works out really well. Once a week or two I treat him to my tight hole. I try to keep it a little more special since I’m no spring chicken and can’t just have him pounding it 3-5 a week.

  2. I’ve heard force top used for guys like that. Likewise force bottom is someone who can’t top for some reason.

  3. Yes: “gay”.

    Why do you have to label yourself according to certain activities or lack of certain activities? Just be gay, and have sex doing what you enjoy at the time, and don’t do what you don’t enjoy.

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