Israel Gay Tours & Travel

Gay friendly Israel is one of those places many have been wanting to visit for years, but just never found the right time. Israel is the most gay-friendly country in the Middle East, and in fact, 61% of Israelis support civil marriage for same-sex couples.

In addition to its gay-friendly attitude, few countries can boast such diversity in its offerings, appealing to virtually any traveller. In one day you can visit a mighty desert, swim in the saltiest water on earth, explore a modern city, discover centuries-old ruins, experience a vibrant gay scene, and so much more. Experience the gay beach, bars, the lively markets, and indulge in a culture that is both trendy & historical. Tel Aviv, Israel’s central urban hub that never sleeps, offers an array of various sites, smells, and experiences. In the past few years it has developed into the Gay capital of the Middle East.


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