It annoyed me in a movie, but for anal sex you can’t just stick it in there’s a lot more preparation isn’t there? Or no?


  1. Usually, yes. Lube, stretching, and slow entry are pretty standard. Not to mention prep for the bottom (ie, douching). However, you’ll find people who want no prep, or just a quick lube and go – that’s usually expert-level stuff.

  2. Spit will work for lube in a pinch, the more viscous “back of the throat” mucus is better that saliva.

    A bottom with good conscious rectal control doesn’t need to be “loosened”, he can relax at will, but this takes practice.

    You don’t *necessarily* have to clean out beforehand (sometimes you’re lucky and your rectum isn’t full, and what shit there is is “high and dry”, so to speak and doesn’t make a mess), but if you don’t douche the chances are very likely that the result will be messy, and fucking a shitty hole is not what most people are into.

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