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Jaffna is the northern capital of the Tamil area of Sri Lanka. Not long ago it was the center of the Sri Lankan civil war, but today Jaffna remains safe to visit as a tourist.

Jaffna town (யாழ்ப்பாணம்) is full of rich Tamil culture, a great place to hit the streets are explore the local food and flavors of town.

During this Jaffna travel video I walk around on Beach Road, eat a delicious Sri Lankan food breakfast of paratha bread and pol sambol (coconut garnish), check out the Jaffna Fort, walk past countless old building ruins, take a chaotic walk straight through the center of Jaffna town, eat a sour Jaffna mango, visit Nallur Kovil Hindu Temple for a 4pm traditional ceremony, dine on traditional local style Tamil Jaffna food, and finally taste for the first time a cup of thick wood apple juice!

Jaffna town (யாழ்ப்பாணம்) is an amazing town with a rich history and a very interesting culture. There are many things to do in Jaffna and a lot of places to see.

I hope you enjoyed this Jaffna travel video! Thanks for watching!

All footage is from Jaffna Town, Northern Sri Lanka, taken during the month of October, 2011.

Produced by Mark Wiens for my personal travel and street food blog:

Music is courtesy of Iragai Pole Telugu Tamil and ALBA Biotech Drums under the Creative Commons license.


  1. bro, the first song Was wrong, because that is telungu song, i mean that was one of the indian language [telungu] but songs end is correctly coming our tamil language, thank u bro

  2. Hey… thank you show me our country. You really enjoy everything in our country ( news paper napkin too) .I'm proud of be a srilanka. But unfortunately last year I came to Canada. I have been missing my country. When I was in jaffna to study at university of jaffna I enjoyed everything over there. Thank you dear.

  3. No wonder you say the wheater is so hot, if you eat that food already for brekfast., which causes so much inner fire. Try to stay on raw fruits and vegetables all day long next trip in such regions of the world. 🙂

  4. I am praying god sriLanka return back peaceful .people very simple rich tamil culture flow real tamilelan I love Sri Lanka and indea

  5. Jaffna is a beautiful city which was located in Northern provinces of Sri Lanka. So many beautiful places are there but this man has shown very few places. Always this man has eaten only parotta and fish curry. So many treditional foods are there in Jaffna.
    Ravindran Tirupur

  6. appriciate ur eforts to eat rice by hand little more travel in SL u will get it quickly…by nw warzones r more developed..even SL forces play a major role developing activities in those areas, after defeating LTTE Terrorists in 18May2008 by SL forces rescuing more civilians. This note is in May 16, 2018..I hv covered almost every corner of West Jaffna nw..visited all possible islands whicj has quick acess..East Jaffna too covered but not every corner oneday planing to do that.

  7. Thank you very much
    when you come to london lets talk about you trip experience in srilanka

  8. I'm a Sri Lankan but so disgusted with myself for not being able to go to the north yet and have some of their delicious food items. I've eaten some of their food items when I went to tamil shops in Colombo and wow…. from Matara, Sri Lanka

  9. Mark Weins did a fabulous job! His presentation was awesome! There's something very pleasant about him …

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