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On Sunday, June 10th, Jesse Lee Peterson attended the “Pride Parade” Los Angeles in West Hollywood, California. Don’t miss this revealing man-on-the-street installment of TheFallenState TV — full episode coming FRIDAY, June 29th!

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  1. where i can watch the full show pls ? i had see it once but i need to see again something (maybe in a secret plateform)

  2. Sad those lil kids getting exposed to that garbage and thinking its okay. Sad thing is that gay couples can now adopts kids and brainwash them.

  3. Pause @ 00:13. The companies that are sponsoring the parade are using Illuminati all seeing eye symbols in their logos.

  4. The girl was speaking the truth. Probably she was there because her dad told her "We have to go to a party", and she was disappointed because her friends were not there. Or something like that.

  5. Great video… heres my take on it when I was travelling…. its getting spread EVERYWHERE THE WORLD!

  6. Perverts. Their abnormal sex movement is disgusting, as is their pedophilic lust at indoctrinating children.

  7. Homosexuality is an abomination to Gawd…just like eating crustaceans. Gay Pride parade is equivalent to Red Lobster in God's eyes. Read your Bible

  8. I don't believe that being gay alone will send you you to hell, but I'd bet everything that exposing innocent children to homosexuality will definitely get you roasted for eternity. How Jesse didn't unload on that smiling faggot with the 5 year old beats me. If I ever hear of one of these faggot parades within 100 miles from me, I'm going. I'm gonna take a billy club to every single adult subjecting children to this filth. That bail money will be some of the most well spent money that I've ever spent in my life. Let's all go invest in the children. MAGA fellow Americans.

  9. My boyfriend and I (I am a man .. yes we’re gay) HATE pride events because it happens to bring out the worst in the gay community and sends a message to the world that were hedonists when there’s a portion of us who are conservative, monogamous, family men, who have the same desires and aspirations as most Americans. Instead we have hyper sexualized communists speaking for us and then lambasting us and black listing us when we disagree with them and happen to be DARE I SAY CAPITALIST TRUMP SUPPORTERS .. then again it’s if someone who’s in an open relationship and is naked in bondage in public and they find me morally outrageous then I know I’m in the right

  10. They have CHILDREN acting like fucking faggots. Why are the mass shooting not done HERE instead of schools. If you HAVE to kill lots of people… Im just saying, there are CLEARLY better places…

  11. here's the full video.

    the rim lickers are working overtime so download the video, just in case.

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