Joe Rogan and Candice Thompson talk about televangelists like Joel Osteen and about gay people in the closet. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE #1143. Full podcast –

Joe Rogan on Joel Osteen & Gay People In The closet


  1. You both need to shut up You both are talking really stupid and don't know what you're talking ? about

  2. When Houston was hit by Harvey it took days before he would allow people to take refuge in his church…only because the media was blastin' it. Meanwhile, Mattress Mack opened his store and even gave food and furniture away….to victims AND first responders.

  3. Been a fan since the Fear Factor days. Hearing Joe talk like this, is like he's pulling everything thing out of me. All those years of jokes and commentary. His funny but somewhat accurate views about the world and the life we all live. It's a strange feeling. I actually feel sort of sick, right now. Jesus doesn't feel the same way about you Joe. I hope you realize that some day.

  4. Based on the title I thought he was going to talk about Joel Osteen being in the closet (which is likely)

  5. I'm a Christian and Osteen is a false teacher. The Word teaches of false teachers who lead many astray. Osteen needs to repent. But Rogan is also a false teacher. He isn't triggering anything. I love how unbelievers who know nothing about the Bible try to talk about the Church. You don't understand. Lol You know nothing. You may know a couple verses, but you have zero understanding of them because you don't have the Holy Spirit. For some strange reason you guys think that when you see a false teacher the belief is wrong when Jesus already warned of false teachers lol. Priest who rape children are false teachers genius. Jesus already warned us of men like this. A man becoming a millionaire of the gospel is a false teacher. I can go on and on. Dudes are living rich because they tickle people's ears. The Church has been preaching against false teachers for years. Rogan has no idea of the consequences of what he says. I laugh at you, because Your unbelief isn't going stop you from standing before the judgement of God. And you are going to be held accountable for EVERY word that you say.

  6. is Osteen helping the people?…or are the people helping him? BTW what the hell is this airhead cracking up about?

  7. Gay is not good!@ c'mon it's trash we all know it. It's why they are called fags ! They are a half hard boner !! They are n
    Bogus like you wanted a burger and for a vegan burger but you really only eat burgers and theirs aid in the vegan burger. Strange days

  8. Wow! Another Texas religious knutjob Robert Tilton tge farting preacher:

  9. I'm pretty sure Joel Osteen does not talk about Jesus. He does not come off as much of a Christian. Most Christians don't take him seriously

  10. But Joe, what if a gay guy isn’t really gay, but only believes that he’s gay? Eg, you should look at how Boy George got in to the gay scene. He said it himself, that he was never interested in guys. He was literally bullied in to being gay by guys that called him a fag so much he just gave up resisting and went along with what they said. I saw him say this in a tv interview back in the early 90s.

  11. he refused refugees during hurricane Harvey while we running from flood water and his church was the only high ground. Didn't even want us on his property

  12. Osteen is a charlatan, if you look it up in the dictionary there's a picture of him next to the definition.

  13. Rogan regularly says retarded shit but then he drops some shit like this and it's all forgiven.

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