A federal judge has ordered the state of Ohio to recognize a gay couple’s marriage. One of the men is dying and Ohio must recognize the marriage on his death certificate…

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  1. Just… just shut the fuck up. Whenever you type something, the world is diminished slightly by your profound, unrelenting and willful ignorance. It is a poorer place for having you in it.

  2. Was I even talking to you? I'm saying to Kayelee that she doesn't have the right to stop innocent people from getting married just because her God supposedly said so.

    How about you run along and troll someone else?

  3. Tyranny?! The man is dying and simply wants to be buried to his loving husband when both of them are dead. How are you affected? How does it hurt you?

    You are a sad sack of shit, and I suggest that you rethink the crap that is spewing out of your mouth before you open it again.

  4. The battle has now moved into a whole series of state and federal courts. The groups fighting for justice need all the help that they can get. Look them up on the Web:

    Lambda Legal

    The Human Rights Campaign


    Freedom To Marry

    Learn more at their websites.

  5. So what? Space and time is meaningless without consciousness. Besides scientists have already mapped the human genome, we can do human DNA testing in the physical. You are just being esoteric instead of being practical.

  6. GOD IS NOT REAL! You believe in fairy tales!!!!! Sleeping Beauty was the fairest of them all. So you were created off the rib of a man. so shut up and make me a sandwich. Since its ok for GOD to be a misogynist.

  7. Ya big talk internet tough guy halfwit who does not know how to spell. Only a weak ass moron would threaten someones mom and they would deserve the justified beating they would get for doing so in real life .

  8. God did not do anything of the kind, and even if you actually believe that no one else is obliged to agree with you or live by what you imagine god wants.

  9. You are the only one who is on the side of Tyranny. Enforcing your moral standards on others is tyrannical, asking to be treated under the law like everyone else is not.

  10. wrong agin, "the human race" doesn't exist, only individual humans do. " the human race", "society", "humanity" are just a mental abstraction which don't exit anywhere in space-time. We know the physical address of the white house, what's the address of "the human race"? there's none because ideas have no residence outside of human mind.

  11. I find it interesting you would phrase it as " enforcing their own morality on us." While it's the fundamentalists who are complaining that gay marriage will somehow destroy the foundation of marriage & lead to societies moral decay. Who actually enforcing morality & how does gay marriage effect you?

  12. I'm sure the white southern slavers felt that being forced by the government to recognize other people had rights also felt like it was tyranny.

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