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Justin Bieber is all about shirtless selfies, but his latest snapshot is turnt up to a whole new level! The 20-year-old Biebs recently shared a photo on his app Shots, where he’s basically…naked. Well, aside from that gold chain he’s rocking. Seriously, if he had angled that camera a few inches lower, we wouldn’t even be able to show you this. Always the wordsmith, JB posted this photo with the simple caption, “Night.” Ah, pure poetry to our ears. In addition to this photo, Justin also shared a selfies where he’s getting cozy with a couple girls who definitely are NOT Selena Gomez. He posted the photo of himself with Catherine Paiz and Chantel Jeffries — aka the girl who was with him when he got his DUI in January — and said “Studio with these fools @chantel @catherine.” So, what? Does that mean he’s making music with them? Or they’re all just hanging out? Either way, seems kinda sketchy if you ask us. And if I was Selena Gomez I would NOT be happy about this. Though some sources are saying they’re “just friends.” Yeah…we’ve heard that one before. You know how we feel about the situation, but what about you? Think it’s just some innocent fun… or something more? Sound off in the comments section or tweet me @MistyKingma, and while we’re on the subject of JB and his ladies, click right here to get a full breakdown of his dating history. I’m Misty Kingma, we thank you for watching. We’ll see you around!

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  1. Everyone this was probably like a couple years ago because Justin Bieber does not look like that now and Catherine probably didn't even meet Austin yet

  2. Ace Family we don't know how old this picture is so it was probably before Catherine and Austin met besides they met when Austin was in college and so she might not have known him yet

  3. LMAOOOO all of you dumb people are saying “omg it’s catherine from the ace family” like if you would check the date when this was posted, it was on 2014. She wouldn’t go out with a guy friend now that she has a family. Those who are real to the ACE family would know. Those who just show up out of nowhere, don’t know shit so might as well don’t comment anything. Obviously catherine has a past, so does austin, but now they’re engaged with a wonderful and beautiful daughter and have been for quite a while so of course things are different now. Austin and Catherine are what you call real love so obviously they both wouldn’t betray their family to go hang out with someone irrelevant in their lives and if you see, on instagram they only follow eachother, that’s what you call a true and faithful relationship.

  4. I have watched catherine on the ace family also there just friends because catherines dating austin so dont make uo lies

  5. People who are freaking out because and thinking she is cheating on austin… come on this is from 2014 she probably didn't even met austin at that time??

  6. That was when chantel new Justin and Catherine is best friends with Chantelle so of course Catherine would want to meet him but she is happily engaged

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