The music star discussed the revealing photo that made the Internet say, “Baby, baby, baby, oh”!


  1. they had to put the pic on the big screen lol? Ellen is cool and all, but it was dumb to keep the nude pic up the whole time he was could see it bothered him.

    Having leaked nudes is bad enough without having to be confronted on national TV in front of millions, with the picture right behind you..

  2. He’s honestly such a cutie. I love him for his heart. I wish I could meet him, but that’s never going to happen ????

  3. I literally love Ellen so much! She’s always making me smile and my days sooo much better. I’m not in a very good place rn but watching your videos make me so happy?Never stop what your doing your constantly making ppl smile just like me and thank you for your amazing soul in this world!! I love you❤️

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