I’ve just discovered the photography of Lukas Sowada, and I really want more.

Unfortunately, he’s one of those photographers who seems to only use his model’s first names, so I wasn’t able to find out anything more about Kris, seen here in a predominantly black and white shoot by the fine art photographer.

The friend who sent me these pics didn’t have any more information about the model either, so I can only assume that he’s not very well known and possibly just starting out.

Do we all agree that we want more of him? He’s a handsome guy, and naturally built too. He doesn’t look like the kind of model who works out at the gym every day and spends hours on his tan and his hair – that might be great for some guys who pose for photographers, but it’s refreshing to see a more natural look.

That seems to be something Lukas Sowada is very good at, too. While these photos have an urban feel to them, a lot of the work I found by Sowada was color, and set in nature. It’s all quite vibrant and dream-like.

I might have to spend a little time later looking for more of his work to share with you, it really is quite beautiful.

In the meantime, enjoy Kris, and let me know in the comments if you know anything more about this young man. I think we’d all love to see more shoots with him 🙂

Have a fab Friday!

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