Check out this video where this lady can’t stop looking at the guys abs, very funny! If you want to abs abs that women can’t keep their eye;s off then check take out free 6 pack abs challenge:


  1. Lol I had a dream last night that this hot guy with shades on was trying to talk to me and I couldn’t stop looking at his dick ? I felt like a pervert in my own dream.

  2. Oh yeah, she was ogling you all she could, and enjoying every single moment of it!? Oh man, I'd also love such glances from babes, but nothing comes easy. No pain, no gain, which is why I need to go back to the gym?

  3. Hey Pete. Nothing wrong with that. If you have them out on show, any woman worth her salt would be mesmerised by them. I get what you're saying. The tables have completely turned as to being objectified. It's the girl's turn now. lol. I would be doing the same thing as her. I love hot abs and I'm thinking that's what it's all about anyway. That's why the guys want them. They want to impress the girls (or in the case of gays, the guys). Am I right?

  4. I can't understand what the fuss is about. A normal healthy heterosexual woman who finds the male body attractive – what is wrong with that. At what point did we start looking at the man-hating lesbo-feminazi and man-paranoid snowflake abnormalities as normal and desirable behaviour for all women?

  5. The drink in your hand is about down to the last quarter and looks pretty thick consistency…making those regular gulps you keep taking look FAKE AS FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! Added to the rest of it…well, makes it look even more FAKE AS FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!! I see we have found yet another 'Youtubus Desperatum'…The latest species exploding out of control.

  6. bro I think she was looking at little lower than your stomach. But it is kind of cool when you catch a woman in the act of checking your body out

  7. unfortunately this was a setup. he says he knows a women is on her way to see him. then he takes off his shirt. he's either fishing for pussy or trying to piss his girlfriend off. and if you had half the brains you think you have you would be able to tell it is a completely fabricated video… that's probably his girlfriend or his girlfriends sister or just a women he met and asked her to boost his deflated ego ! how ever women do LOOK just as much as men do. so I don't see the purpose in this video, other than another useless YouTube loser thinking he is somebody…. if you are a somebody you don't need to be pretending like somebody is looking at your abs. if you have abs and you know you do there's only two reasons to show them.

  8. she gets a little glowy towards the end, I'm surprised there wasn't a hair flick too but I think she is getting an eye full lol

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