When 2 men get married, does one of them change their last names, or do they both keep their names? And if they do keep their names, which one would their kid have?

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  1. My husband and I decided to double barrel when we got married. One of our favourite things about our wedding/marriage is that we don’t have to stick to traditions dating back to religious practices/straight nonsense. It is literally a marriage of equals and creating a new surname reflects that. You have so much freedom to set yourself up however you like. 😘

  2. they do whatever they want.

    hyphenate, keep own names, change them, invent a new one. same with the kids.

  3. My last name is Rose and my boyfriend’s (soon to be fiance) last name is Bridgewater. We decided to change both our last names to Rosewater 😊

  4. I’d take the others name when it has a cool sound and doesn’t suck like mine.

    Nowadays last names are totally random.

    Especially in gay marriages we should not give a fuck.

    Both guys are males, both girls are women.

    It really doesn’t matter and there is no point in tradition other than getting a better name you like and share with your partner.

  5. When I got married to my husband I chose to take his last name. Mainly because I am the last of my bloodline and wanted to really stick it to my homophobic grandfather.

    I have friends who married and kept their own last names. After being together for decades, and having tons of business and personal things in those names, they found it to be the easier option.

    It is all up to the couple! That is the glorious part of a relationship. You and whoever you choose to be with get to make the rules. Want to be a thruple? Do it. Want to only swap husbands on Saturdays when the kids are at the grandparents? Have fun. Want to have passionate slow sex with your husband every Sunday? Enjoy! Whatever you both decide it means to be in a happy relationship is what a relationship is.

  6. Well just like a heterosexual couple, it’s really up to the gay couple to decide. If they want they can both take each others last name.

    And when they have a kid the kid can take both there last names. The possibility is endless really

    I’m not sure if you’re being serious with this question you seem new to the “gay world” lol

  7. There’s no law saying names have to be changed. Not in the U.S. atleast. I know if I get married I’m keeping my last name. Don’t k ow what the child situation would be though, but I don’t plan in crossing that bridge anyways.

  8. My fiance and I have the same first name, if one of us were to take the other’s last name too, things would get real confusing real quick.

  9. I think that the idea of changing one’s name is a sign of love and devotion to another. No one has to change their name in marriage. It has simply been tradition that a wife would take her husband’s name as she accepts his authority over their family. Taking another’s name today should be an individual choice based on the relationship. We’ve lived through the times when tradition destroyed lives and condemned people to suffering and hardship. Make your own traditions Boys! Let’s show the world what can be accomplished when we trust our better selves and respect each other as human beings.

  10. It would depend on where you and your partner live. In my country nobody change names when they get married, so it’s not a problem here.

  11. When the Mr and I got married we went with my last name and it really pissed off his mother which was a bonus

  12. We kept our names. It’s so much of a pain in the ass to change your name with everything. Bank, social security, DMV, utilities, phone, credit cards….I could go on. I’d rather just not haha

  13. I have two moms. They didn’t change their names when they married, and my last name is just both of theirs (kinda like hyphenating, but I don’t use a hyphen).

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