We have a new obsession – Canadian heartthrob and all around stud, Stephen Amell.

Stephen got his start playing a spinning instructor in the TV Series Queer as Folk. He is likely best known for playing the lead in the hit show Arrow and the steamy Adam in Dante’s Cove

In Arrow we have seen Mr. Amell shed his shirt as he fights the bad guys and shows off his toned, trimmed body. With rippled muscles he kicks ass and will have you beating up your naughty region.

Stephen also had a recurring role on the show Hung where he played Jason, a gigolo who used his body in any way he could to please his customers. Over his 10 episode arc we get to see him shirtless, in his underwear and naked on several occasions.

In one scene he lays back on a bed fully nude and his abs are so cut you could shred cheese on them. As he rolls to the side he even flashes a patch of pubes. It is a skintastic display of customer service at its finest.