Hi #breadsquad! I know this is fairly uncharted territory for YouTube videos, but that’s a pretty good reason to start a dialogue! Let me know in the comments if there’s a part of your body you’ve been taught to hate, but wouldn’t have. It’s more common than you think! Love you!

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  1. You look like you’re born as a female if you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have known it . You’re very pretty go girl

  2. Repent from your abominations or face the wrath of your ways! You can still go back to being a man then get married with a woman.

  3. I base all my beliefs based on my faith. I believe in Divine Providence. In other words God does not make mistakes. All of us are born as God meant is to be. That does not mean we can live the lifestyle we chose and expect God to accept it. With God's grace to do our best to live as God has instructed us in scripture. That is if we desire to go to heaven. We must love God on his terms not our own. This is a huge challenge for all of us being a man or woman or homosexual or transgender. I can not even imagine the challenges you face as a transgender both emotionally and from society. We all have our own crosses to bare. I wish you the very best.

  4. I've commented on your videos before but I feel like this really needs to be said. Growing up in the south being trans gender or gay or lesbian was always frowned upon. My Outlook on every bit of it has changed drastically over this past year! After a horrible failed marriage I've come to realize that love is not confined to any type of label. And gender shouldn't be defined by the type of "equipment" you were born with! Some of the sexiest women I've ever seen were not born female. And some of the most handsome men I've seen weren't born male. Long story short, do not sale someone short that you are interested in just because they weren't born the gender they are now. Love the person and fall in love with them for who they are in your eyes. Do not let society "norms" influence your feelings! Love your partner with all you have, and you'll have the best life possible without regrets.

  5. In my opinion, there's being fertile or not. Femininity and masculinity can't be related to gender. That's why everyone is genderless and that opposite sex thing doesn't exist. Even hormones don't spread equally to every living-being. Some don't grow beard at all, some sound too deep "to be a girl." Physical appearance is just a mold. However, stereotypes are made by humans, not religions or anything else. That's why "femininity" and "masculinity" can be the options in terms of sexual orientation. I mean some like femininity, some like masculinity. Sexual organs can't determine one's gender, they determine the fertility. Someone with a penis can feel feminine or someone with a vagina can feel masculine. Love is genderless overall. Nobody decides their sexual orientation or likes by saying "I don't like the concept of penis" or "I don't like the concept of vagina." I believe that they discover it by thinking "I like femininity" or "I like masculinity." This is a discovery; so this process can't be concluded all of a sudden but can be felt in terms of drive. People call humans having fertility "a woman" and people call humans not having it "a man." If you look at the big picture, we all are genderless but we find some stereotypes for things to be more distinctive. So I think somebody who feels like "a girl" or in my saying, "feminine" doesn't have to have a vagina.

  6. But using Intersex or Transgender is so vague and still leaves one guessing about what exactly was the starting equipment and the process that they have partaken to become what they are now.

  7. Well at least you know you are still a girl and not trying to get people to call you a guy. For that I
    Can respect your decision to make a change.
    I imagine that there are so many straight guys
    That want to date you.

  8. I'm confused by the comment at the end.."Just remember you are perfect the way you were born." Not being rude but you obviously don't feel that way I take it?

  9. What’s the band and song playing in the background? Reminded me a lot of guitar-drone outfits like Stars of the Lid.

  10. I'm a straight guy and I would have never guessed you were trans. I would have zero problems with dating you. Keep that pretty head up!

  11. You are not a girl with a penis. You are man with a penis, dressed up and made up like a girl. You were not born with a penis, and then was exposed to estrogens through some form of genetic malfunction. You were born a boy, exposed to testosterone in the womb, and developed naturally until you decided you wanted to change reality to fit your fleeting emotional turmoil.

    Now that you have changed reality, you want the world to accept your distorted reality.

    That is what you are.

  12. I’m trying to follow I don’t understand the whole community but I’m getting into it because I’m exploring my sexuality more so I am bi but anyway my question is are you saying you were born a girl with a penis ? Also I been trying to figure out out because I saw on chaturbate site a girl with a penis but she had the surgery but still refers to herself as a girl and still has her regular boobs so what would be the proper pronoun as that is what I am actually looking for

  13. I've always had a problem with my Jawline. To be honest I don't have a defined shape to it, and ive grown to dislike it because it's not "oval" or "heartshaped" as the media always seemed to suggest are the "perfect" shapes for a feminine face. to be real It makes me feel less feminine even though I was born and raise and identify as female I cant take myself serious because i am not all that feminine in alot of how i look. IN MY OPINION.

  14. I love my dick it's what makes me special! So do all my lovers. It's very popular today but people are afraid others will find out and they will be labeled Gay and girls won't want them anymore.and most love giving me oral most! Like being sexy bill Clinton! Also many wish momma to show them how it feels to be penetrated like a girl! I'll show them if they ask nice!

  15. When I was in 5th grade, I got hit in the face with a tray, she didn't do it on purpose though. So since that incident I've noticed my nose to be a little crooked, and I hate it more and more. Only because I was scared that people wouldn't like me. I'm very new to this channel, like I found it last night, but, I'm going to subscribe because I love the message in your videos and you are someone I can look for guidance through my mtf journey

  16. You are absolutely beautiful and I am very appreciative of your videos. They help me understand my trans friends better. Thank you for your work!

  17. I've always been made feel the fact that I have a bigger ass and hips makes me some how seem vulgar. Or taken less seriously in work. Apparently having a big ass makes you come across as slutty. Even when you haven't done anything ??

  18. I feel I was taught to hate my penis. I went on hormones thinking I was never going to use it. I felt differently when it became more difficult to get erect. I love it and wish to use it but I never get an opportunity other than masturbating. I really wish it was more visible at times.

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