Mrs Kasha Davis interviews the touring cast of Naked Boys singing. Comment below who you think did the best runway! Contact Tim at the email below to get the Naked boys to your town.

Naked Boys Singing:

Naked Boy Instagrams:
Kable: @Kabeeybaby
Tim: @timg____
Anthony: @anthonymassarotto
Danny: @_dannyburgos
Charlie: @charedjoewallrob
Stephen: @steviemillett

Mrs Kasha Davis

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  1. Love Love LOVE Mrs. Kasha Davis! You are So Funny, So Classy&an all around Delight! I really hope you will be on All-Stars 3 or 4 if it happens! MWAH! ?????

  2. What a nice interview with the Boys! Cable(?Cant spell it and don't have it), Better weerk that walk!

  3. Actually one of my favorite musicals not because of the nudity or the really hot looking guys the amazing music is what sets this off

  4. That's been going on in NYC forever! I remember seeing it in the early 2000s, I think. It's lots of fun.

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