What day to day living in Puerto Rico is like.

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  1. I love Puerto Rico and the people there are so humble and friendly! I felt at home I am still trying to convince my husband to move over there and start our business there! I love the beach and tropical fruits! I need to find us a good deal on a home with a lil bit of land! Puerto Rico I love you!!!!

  2. I bet when you when to Puerto Rico and did not want to com back, every time I go don't want to com to USA, food every in Puerto Rico you see, God keep blessed US

  3. so here in Mayagüez… the west side ….. we live like people in Alabama or Florida or Colorado….. we do have too many cars, there's one train! oh btw only "cafre" people rode horses as transportation

  4. well, it seems that's more Puerto Ricans watched this than state side people, but also in the video he never actually talked about stuff like- languages, schooling , or the people's views.

  5. Very accurate!!!

    There is a train that runs the metropolitan area called Tren Urbano.

    Bacalao is salted Cod fish.

    Other than that, your account is spot on.

  6. Aguadilla and Rincon, in the west corner, are also Americanized. Ralph's supermarket are only located in the east of the island. There are many wooden houses, in the rural areas and very poor places.

  7. In my area of Puerto Rico, we kept metal bars on the windows because sometimes a hurricane would bring a small tree down and it'd break a window. So we kept them on for that. We only had one break in, and the guy was caught like an hour later. Good review though.

  8. you seem humble for being a white person sorry i have encountered so many racist snobby white people that i sometimes cant prejudge but just keep being humble and not judging

  9. It's pretty awesome to hear someone else's opinion about your country or whatever Puerto Rico is (I'm Puerto Rican, was born in Cayey and raised there too). We need different perspectives and races too in our island to work things out together.

    I get very proud when other people from around the world live in my island.

  10. Its salt fish! Its actually good when you soak it and then cook it with coconut. LOL!!! This is funny. A lot is true. The crime is not that bad all over. One thing about PR is that its huge compared to most islands so not every experience is the same!

  11. Im Mexican and I have visited Puerto Rico on vacation, hes right about the driving. The rest of the island is beautiful. I loved it. Its a paradise and so much to see and do. It was very hard to leave.

  12. I think this is his point of view not the reality… people work we have a Metro for transportation. The Americans live in Rincon most of them. We have the people from the city and the mountain they are bouth diferent life styles. We dont like people religious going to bother in our house. And yes we love to eat and party call chinchorreo. I feel you need to be a real Puertorriqueño to speak about our island of not dont do it.

  13. Jajaja a lot of people don't work. El problema es que a lot of people are copuneros. Ese es problema. Vagos que se meten en problemas y no hacen mas que tener hijos y vivir del gobierno.

  14. Puerto Rico does havecthe potencial of growing approx.80% of what we consume in food..also the USA collects approx. 3 billion $$$$ in federal taxes fron PR….USA business men (US Congress) recieve huge tax free profits from their mega stores franchices in Puerto Rico..theses stores in PR outsale their counter parts in the US. e.g Macy's in PR is the higest grossing Macy's in the world.

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