So I just got fucked, and I am kind of being paranoid the guy might have removed his rubber in the middle or something…if he did cum in me, I’d be able to tell right…like it’d be a lot of white stuff…there was no white stuff (barely any tangible liquid actually just slime assume lube)…but a faint smell of possibly I am crazy semen.

I asked him he said he definitely did not do that and I did see him handling the condom with tissues…but I did not look at the condom closely…cause I am stupid.

Any thoughts? Thank you. It’s just so hard to convince guys to just rubber without back and forths…:(. I know..I am paranoid.


  1. First thing to do is to breathe! While it’s good to be cautious and check, panicking won’t help anything!

    Like the other guy said, taste it, then if you’re really concerned, get tested (Which is smart anyway).

    Hope everything is alright! 🙂

  2. You should probably go get PEP just in case… There’s approximately a 48 hour window and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Edit: unless you’re already on Prep

  3. Depending on consistency and volume he could have cum inside and you may not notice. You would not just instantly know… you can’t feel it or anything. Generally if u sit on the toilet and evacuate right after there is a mixture of lube and mucus which is yours. There may or may not be his semen mixed in with it. If he came a lot, it would be obvious. If he came little or it was really watery or you didn’t immediately evacuate you may not be able to distinguish content.

  4. If he came in you without your consent he raped you. He needs to be reported to the police.

    Get yourself on PrEP and if you haven’t already get yourself a course of PEP.

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