Perennially perched at or near the top of lists of America’s most expensive and affluent cities, San Francisco is increasingly out of reach for people who would be card-carrying members of the American middle class elsewhere. VICE Money spent a day with a state university professor to see how her family of four deals with the city’s high cost of living.

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  1. We spent the day with a state university professor to see how her family of four deals with the city's high cost of living. Watch Next: What It Costs To Live In London –

  2. I don’t get why they can’t live somewhere near San Francisco. There’s so much transportation to get to San Francisco and you save a lot more money living in another part like Oakland, San Leandro , Hayward,etc.

  3. Video just shows cost of living in SF, it's expensive. I get it from the negative comments, if you want to live and work in a different city you can. Same as if you want to live and work in SF, that's what it costs, that's the point.

  4. Jeeezzz i didn't know it was that expensive living in san fransisco. 100k is low income!?!? And i thought new New York was bad ??

  5. I live in San Francisco and ended up homeless and living in a tent for most of last year, this city is crazy expensive.

  6. I am living in Houston, Texas right now and my apartment is probably bigger than hers and I pay like 750 a month lmao I’m originally from LA too so what a huge difference lmao

  7. Lolol yea fucking sociology professors are the scum of the earth, so fitting its one SJW hero for this video.

  8. I been to San Francisco three times and i love it there, i could easily imagine myself living there but the cost is simply what is keeping my dream of moving to such a beautiful and wonderful place at bay… what is it worth living in your dream city if you can´t afford to go out and enjoy it.. I will have to enjoy it in small doses when going on holidays once every few years.

  9. This video enforced my stereotype that most millennials are entitled. Same as the ones crying for student loan relief like they have been forced to take out the loans, or forced to live in the area that they can't afford.

    If you wish to change your current situation, do a budget and start trimming expenses that is want rather than need. And if that is not enough, move to some other parts of the country where the amount of living/housing expense does not ruin your dream. Stop being victimized and entitled. This is a country where people take care for themselves and the rich get richer simply because they are not afraid of fighting dirty.

  10. Oops, she slipped and actually called her ‘partner’ by his actual description of ‘husband’. I find that funny. Oh, and no thank you, I don’t want more taxes to help pay for your child care.

  11. fortunately it's becoming more and more a shithole, so soon enough nobody will want to live there anymore.

  12. I would not raise children in The Bay Area unless I have a well established financial foundation. A couple each making a decent income and barely afford housing at all let alone raise children. If you do you are forced to raise them in an expensive one-bedroom apartment without privacy. I doubt very many Bay Area raised millennia actually stay.

  13. With all due respect, if it's too expensive, just move out. Why would state come in and help? California also has a 13% state income tax. Move to Florida! If you want to stay, no one is coming to assist you.

  14. Your educated and yet somehow you think you need a bigger government. Calfornia is failed unsustainable economy. Help me master help me. Move and find out what real freedom is.

  15. Food for thought,

    1. Make your own coffee and lunch everyday. It’s not hard at all to do so and very many people have been doing it for a very long time to save money.

    2. Do not “try” to go grocery shopping every week if you wish to properly home cook for a family of 4. Just do it because it’s not hard at all to go at least once a week unless you have a very unusual job, which you don’t. Minimize eating out.

    3. You and your partner have chosen to reside or continue residing in SF despite the obvious super high cost of living. If it’s too much for you, seriously consider moving to a different area outside the city where it’s financially not too uncomfortable for your family.

    4. If you must live in the city no matter what, consider selling your car to mainly rely on public transit but also to use taxi or Uber/Lyft as needed at least until you do better financially. You know better that SF is well organized in that.

    5. You have given birth to your children not the state of California nor the city and county of SF, meaning you’re ultimately responsible for your own kids. Before you demand more welfare, which will put even more burden to taxpayers, do your part by doing everything you can to minimize your living expenses including but not limited to 1, 2, 3, and 4. California taxpayers have already been paying some of the highest taxes in the whole nation for a long time and many of them make financial sacrifices in their personal lives to fund for welfare and benefits they most likely will never use.

    Lastly, I hate politics and my words have nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican. Rather, it’s what an average individual in America perceives and thinks critically based on what really goes on in the societies.

    Good luck

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