Nicolas Cage presenting Marcia Gay Harden with the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “Pollock” at the 73rd Academy Awards® in 2001.

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  1. Hard-working actress who consistently turns out great "supporting role" performances and often gets overlooked. Kudos to the Academy for looking, and rewarding.

  2. Another lead role committing category fraud and winning for supporting actress. The only proper supporting nominees were Frances Mcdormand and Judi Dench.

  3. She is such a great actress. So well deserved & god can all actors give such a speech at all time. Sharp humble funny & just clever. Merci

  4. I don't doubt about Marcia Gay Harden's talent, but this should be Frances or Kate's prize GODDAMMIT, both were amazing in Almost Famous, overall Kate Hudson as Penny Lane…

  5. One of the biggest surprises EVER in an Oscar win. Judi Dench won the SAG, Kate Hudson won  the Golden Globe, Frances McDorman won the Critics Choice, Julie Walters won the BAFTA, And Marcia Gay Harden, who wasn't even nominated for any of the precursors, won the Oscar. AMAZING

  6. Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Traffic") and Jennifer Connelly ("Requiem for a Dream") should have been nominated over Dench and one of "Almost Famous" ladies. They gave stellar, memorable performances, not to mention both of them won in 2 following years. I love how up in the air this category was, 2007 with Tilda winning was another one.

    It must've been close as there was no real passion behind any nominee. As I see it McDormand and Dench were recent winners at the time and there was no need to reward them again. Hudson was more celebrated by press than by critics and they simply didn't want to give it to her. It came to Walters and MGH and American won. I'm happy for Marcia, though and it's cool to see how excited Ed Harris and his wife, Amy Madigan were for her.

  7. this only exhibits her intelligence level bot expecting to receiving the honour and yet give a great and subtle speech

  8. Marcia Gay Harden deserved the Oscar, but also Frances mcdormand AND jennifer Connelly should have been nominated. Besides all the assholes who say that Kate Hudson did not deserve the nomination close your damn mouth¡¡¡ , she did an excellent work .

  9. What a strong group of actresses that year! I wonder if Frances McDormand and Kate Hudson split the competition for their outstanding performances in Almost Famous.

  10. I remember this happening. It was a surprise win (but deserved, I think). No one expected Marcia to get it.

  11. I am incredulous over the number of people on this thread–kids probably–who think Kate Hudson should have won for an acceptable but unspectacular performance in Almost Famous especially when Frances MacDormand was SO much better in the same movie. This is supposed to be about acting, not who you think is the cutest. Marcia Gaye Harden delivered such a full, passionate, uncompromising characterization that to deny her an Oscar for it would have been borderline criminal. These Hudson clowns probably didn't even see Pollock. Worse yet, some of them may not have even seen Almost Famous.

  12. This came from the actors,a truly and very well deserving award for Marcia Gay Harden,who was not the favorite to get it in the first place!,Kate Hudson was supposed to get awarded,still,the academy vote with their heart!

  13. A great choice. McDormand gives, perhaps, her greatest performance in Almost Famous, but Gay Harden is really extraordinary in Pollock.

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