TRANSCRIPT: “Children are being taught they have an inalienable right to be gay. All of those children are …


  1. She wasn’t anti gay. What she was saying was the education system was purposely telling young vulnerable minds that homosexuality was normal. She wanted to put a stop to the left wing propaganda aimed at children on this issue

  2. Remember Old world view, Right wing Tories and not the 21st century. Tbh I’m surprised she wasn’t a racist let alone being anti-gay. Atleast she didn’t criminalize being gay again.

  3. So reading between her lines is pretend your not gay like she did her whole life, lol Becuse of societal norms.

  4. Get yourself a life…. opinion has changed since sec 28, a whole new attitude as evolved – Conservatives legalised SSM etc. Now it seems that promotion Heterosexual relationships is a crime – again, get yourself a life, stop living in the past and get on with it!

  5. Things were different. Yeah it doesn't make it acceptable. But these were different times. Until recently homophobia was unfortunately a norm. Things are different now. Lol I still resent her for this but in the 80's everyone thought like this.

  6. Many years before this speech Margaret Thatcher voted to decriminalise homosexuality. She was openly pro-choice from her naturally, libertarian position. Both her speechwriter and some of her friends were of course gay. Her Government provided funding to HIV/AIDS in the 1980's.

    Margaret Thatcher was expressing the concerns of parents across the political spectrum who felt they were losing control of their children's education. The context is the normality with which these fears were expressed in the 1980's in budget allocation and school education focus.

    It's great to see how far we have come as a society in being less fearful of teaching sex education in schools more generally, Inc. homosexuality. The above video understood within the full context illustrates that. Clips taken out of context do appear overtly political and encourage a response consistent with that.

  7. I'm gay and I support her. It's not your right to be gay and shove it in people's faces and force them to accept it. If you're a good person, people will understand, but if you act like a pansy and expect everyone to cater to you, it is you who is the problem

  8. She seems to be like the Donald Trump of the UK. Am I correct?
    (Donald Trump of the UK is a negative thing for me)

  9. Although she did vote to legalise homosexuality so she clearly wasn't entirely opposed to gays

  10. She was right – children are being perverted and corrupted and in many cases abused by leftist queer teachers and fag enablers. All s28 did was to stop sodomite propaganda, which has no place in schools.

  11. What nobody talks about is how labour voters loved this policy more than conservative voters 67% compared to 61% wasn't expecting that were you ?

  12. Homosexuality should be illegal. Like it used to be, when people and their leaders had Christian values. Now this filth is counted as 'love'.

  13. If a Labour politician said such a thing back then, it wouldn't be brought to light as much. However, being a Conservative PM, she must be evil, right? Wrong! The 80's was a very different era to what we live in now. Many politicians being Labour & Conservative supported Section 28 in 1987, but now we are against it. Why? because we have moved on and learnt to understand our wrongs as a society. We as humans have made wrong opinions and laws in the past, we are no saints. Slavery, racism, even down to women's rights! So I wouldn't judge Margaret Thatcher on section 28 because she did many good things for our country. It shows in her 11 years in government as our Prime Minister!

  14. I'm gay and think she has a point. I don't agree with denying gay people of any rights or anything, but I do think traditional values are still important. The UK has lost its morals to an extent, but that happened way before gay rights. Only sad thing is that the left has hijacked the gay rights movement and are making a mockery of gay people nowadays.

  15. Her speech clearly has nothing to do with gays and everything to do with education….get a brain people

  16. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with what’s she’s saying I would also like to point out that this is heavily edited and adds snipits of a speech together to make baroness thatcher look bad

  17. what people seem to forget is this was in 1987, it was the normal view and while you can argue that that is not a defence, when everyone's view is aligned on a matter its extremely difficult to oppose it.

  18. Need to bring Clause 28 back but all the MPs are spineless idiots with no backbone. God bless MRS T the LGBT community is overwhelming taking the world over and it’s disgusting and vile. Evil

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