I know this can’t be the first time we’ve seen a Bulgarian model on the blog, and Martin Ivanov actually is familiar to me (have we seen him in a post without knowing his name?) but I think I need to do a little digging to find some more hot guys from countries we seldom represent here.

Martin Ivanov is posing for photographer David Velez in this sexy shoot, a guy I know we’ve enjoyed work from before. I think he does a lot of shoots like this, with underwear models showing off their bods in some teasing photos.

That’s definitely what this is, a teasing shoot for the fans of hot bodies and tempting bulges. He’s showing more than the traditional underwear model might, and that’s one of the reasons to appreciate this post a little more.

Underwear shoots can be pretty boring, but when the model is happy to show off some good bulge and give a little detail and definition to the shape of his manhood it definitely makes it all more worthwhile.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go and look for more photos of this guy, I get the impression there might be some real interesting shots of him out there being more revealing than this 🙂

Let me know what you all think of him in the comments. Hit that thumbs-up button, too. Have a great Monday and don’t work too hard!

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