Happy Monday! Are we all ready for another week? Probably not, I’m guessing. Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself losing a lot of time to checking the news and social media, and I think I really need to scale that back.

Thankfully there’s plenty out there to distract me, like some really hot guys, for instance 🙂

Matthew McGue is my distraction today, a gorgeous jock who we haven’t seen on the Gay Body Blog for three years. I don’t know why he’s been off my radar for so long, but this shoot by photographer Diontrae Jackson has brought him right back into my line of sight and I couldn’t be happier about it.

This is the perfect mix of sleek and sexy, fashion with a twist. I guess you can’t really have a gorgeous guy like this showing off some gear without having him show some extra flesh in the process. Believe me, if I was taking photos of this guy for a fashion shoot I would be trying to get him to be as revealing as possible.

He’s actually not changed much since that last shoot three years ago, but I do think he’s hotter now. That’s just my opinion, of course, I’m sure you’ll check out that other post and let me know what you think.

Say hi below, hit the thumbs up button, and have a great Monday! 🙂